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Drivers Ed for Parenting is driven by a single mission; to be there for parents who need help finding creative solutions that steer their teens around life's many challenging obstacles.


Through a humorous workshop approach, using Biblical guidelines, we strive to support parents with creative ways to "connect" with their "I need an instant answer to all my troubles" teenager. The technology driven teenager of today is nothing like the teenager of yesterday. Parents want to know what can they do to help their teen deal with the multiple challenges they face on a daily basis. That's why Drivers Ed for Parenting was developed.


Parental Supporter



Developer of Drivers Ed for Parenting

Keith started Drivers Ed for Parenting with the vision and drive to impact the family dealing with the every day challenges of raising teenagers.  He is a firm believer that laughter is medicine to the bones and has a deep passion to use humor while covering difficult situations pertaining to teens in the home. 

Keith has been married to his high school sweetheart Carole, for 40 years and has raised 4 adult children through their challenging teenage years. His 7(soon to be 8) grandchildren are now a major focus in his life as he supports his adult children in raising their sooner than they want teenagers. 

Keith has been a Youth Pastor, College Pastor, Pastor of Discipleship, and Lead Pastor. He received his education from Texas Tech University, Dallas Baptist University, Criswell Bible College, Denver Conservative Theological Seminary and Southwestern Theological Seminary. God has called him to 30+ years in bi-vocational ministry as an executive leader in the Educational Market with multiple responsibilities. He believes his background affords him the luxury of having a unique understanding of the challenges the everyday parent in the real world faces. 

Remember, Our room and time has changed

So that we can meet at the same time the youth are worshiping

we are changing our meeting time from 11:00 am to 9:30 am

Our new room number is 2216. Which is upstairs with the hall that faces 

FM 1960 (South Hall), toward the middle of the hall. Look for our sign 

"Parents of Students" 

Notebook & Pad
Male and female students doing schoolwor


Downloadable Support

With access to the right resources, parents can become empowered and gain confidence in their ability to communicate more effectively with their teens. Drivers Ed for Parenting will provide numerous resources throughout our course that will give much needed support. These resources will often have a humorous approach but with a serious message


Class Assignments

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to provide relevant material with a practical approach allowing you the parent a way to implement real change on a weekly basis.


Interactive Adult Learning

At Drivers Ed for Parenting, we are dedicated to finding creative ways to have fun while learning some very difficult things about our teens and ourselves. Our course is designed to meet different learning styles through the use of technology, verbal, written, and action-based learning. Our goal is to develop an all day workshop for parents and teens to help both understand each other better while ending this learning experience with a professional clean comedy show.



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