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There were two not so bright football players who missed the teams chartered flight from Texas to California. The team played in a small college town so choices of planes were limited. The two quickly found the first fight available to California. The only problem? It was one of those old planes that had four propeller engines. As the plane took off one of the players mentioned to the other that he hopes the coach will still let them play in the game. About that time, one of the propellers goes out and the pilot made the following announcement. “Ladies and gentlemen, we seem to have lost one of our engines. Don’t worry we can still fly on 3 engines, we’ll just be 30 minutes late.” The not too bright football player turned to the other not too bright football player and said, “man we’re going to miss pre-game meal. This is going to make coach really mad.” As the plane was flying over New Mexico a second engine went out. The pilot made an announcement saying they didn’t need to worry ,they could still fly on two engines, they would just be one hour late. After the announcement one of the players said to the other, “now we’re going to miss warm ups and the coach is going to be furious.” Just as they were flying over Arizona a third engine went out. The pilot said again, “ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately our third engine has gone out. However, we can still fly on one engine we’ll just be two hours late.” At that moment one of the players said to the other, “man we’re going to miss the first half, coach is going to kick us off the team. A few minutes passed, that same player said to the other, “you know, I was just thinking, if the last engine goes out we’re going to be up here ALL DAY!”.

Think on that for a minute, it will come to you.

We are continuing our week-long devotions on life has an expiration. The game of football also has expirations. It’s made up of four quarters. Each quarter has a certain amount of time and then when it’s up you move to the next quarter. Once you reach the fourth quarter and the time is up then the game is over. I find life is like that in many ways. We have quarters of life. 1st quarter consist of our childhood years. The 2nd quarter deals with our teen years. The 3rd quarter is our early/mid adult years. The 4th quarter is our senior adult years. Just like during a game each quarter has its own challenges, its own high’s and lows, and its own anxious moments. Finally the clock runs out, the final gun sounds and the game is over.

Who won? In your game, you do if during each quarter you allow the coach of the game (God), to call the plays that will allow you to move successfully down the field of life. Each quarter of each game has many plays that will be called. God’s playbook is the Bible. No matter what quarter you are playing right now there is a play that God calls. One play is James 1:5, “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”

How often do you ask God for wisdom on a daily basis? Not just on the big decisions that you have to make but on the little ones as well. Do you rush through your days without giving Him much thought to what God wants in this decision? You will be an all pro and win the game of life when you consistently seek God’s wisdom over yours. Today, take a few minutes if you have a decision to make and include God. Just ask, “God, what do you think? Help me remember what you say in your Word and open my eyes and heart to make the right decision.”

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